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The product Guide for Architects


The AJ features design and construction details of the UK's most relevant projects that you can apply to your own work.

To provide a focused complement to the AJ, the AJ Specification has been re-designed and now centres predominantly on building products. Every month this essential reference will help you plan project spending, benchmark suppliers’ quotes and improve your design process.


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AJ Specification
will benefit architects in the following ways:

» Specifier's Choice shows how a product is installed, how it fits in with
   other products and how average costs are changing in-line with alternatives.

» CPD opportunities every month enable you to structure your development,
   widen your skill set and increase your points.

» Case studies and costs provide you with core product knowledge to
   suit a range of budgets - essential for giving feed back to clients and
   quantity surveyors.

This clear and detailed focus on products complements the AJ's in-depth building studies, providing practical information that is essential to advance your own designs. Receive your copy of the AJ Specification each month as part of your monthly AJ subscription package.

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