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The AJ100 issue is one of the Architects’ Journal’s most popular editions of the year, it features detailed profiles of the UK's top 100 architecture firms, plus analysis, outlining the key trends and performance indicators of the industry.

A BIGGER, BETTER AJ120 - for one year only, as the AJ is 120 years old, the AJ100 will be the AJ120!

The AJ120 survey is so much more than a league table of the biggest players; it provides an annual snapshot of the profession and measures the level of optimism among practices for the year to come.


With respect to fees, salaries, sectors and markets, where the AJ100 practices go, the profession follows.

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A subscription also includes access to the AJ120 issue, which features:

• AJ120 Awards

• AJ120 in pictures: 120 buildings, 120 practices

• AJ120 practice profiles 1-10

• AJ120 practice profiles 12-120

• AJ120 analysis and data

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The Architects' Journal is a practical resource which helps you solve problems in your day-to-day work, inspires your design process and helps you discover new opportunities.

The AJ does this by providing you with the essential ingredients for a healthy practice. We call it your "5 a day" - essential news, buildings, business, culture and opinion, which inform, develop and support you in the profession.

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