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careers_guide_wide.pngWhy following industry news is now more important than ever?

Everyone knows the downturn has hit the industry badly. Report after report show the UK economy is in an increasingly precarious state with architecture being one of the hardest hit sectors. Many agencies are going out of business and the fight for jobs and contracts is getting tougher by the day. That is why keeping a close eye on industry developments is now more important than ever!

Reading Architects' Journal will help you keep up-to-date on industry developments and latest trends. For the lucky ones who are weathering the storm AJ will give a better understanding of how the recession is affecting their businesses and how they can fight the economic downturn. For architects looking for work in these difficult times Architects’ Journal offers a way to keep industry knowledge fresh and up-to-date so that re-entering the job market is easier when the economy improves.

Read our Careers Guide to get tips and advice on how to land a job in Architecture. It aims to help both people training to be architects and those looking to develop their careers. You will discover how to make the crucial link which translates you from a recent graduate into an architectural assistant with a job. Reading this guide just might give you the upper hand you need.

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