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FAT: Back from the dead to edit the Architects’ Journal

Legendary architecture studio FAT is back for one final project: a summer special edition of The Architects’ Journal.

ddd.jpgThe hugely influential trio – Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob, who disbanded FAT in December 2013 – have edited a one-off special edition of the Architects’ Journal’s.

In keeping with its skewed take on all things architectural, FAT’s summer special edition of the AJ will be mostly concerned with death.

‘We've called it Death and Life of the Architect, as a nod to Jane Jacob's The Death and Life of Great American Cities – a celebration of architecture without architects,’ says Griffiths. ‘We want to celebrate architects without architecture and to suggest new paths for those of us, who, having benefited from a wonderful education, want to escape the world of procurement, crap money and door schedules.’

Subscribe today and you can access this special edition which:

  • Explores how resurrection, zombification, and other kinds of afterlives have always been essential to new ideas in architecture
  • Teach you why designing your own demise is an essential part of any good career
  • Will give you all the news that’s ever happened and muse on death as a design project


An AJ subscription also includes access to the AJ Buildings Library, a database of over 2,100 projects. It contains plans, technical drawings, products and team information, allowing you to research precedents and get inspiration without leaving the office.

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