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The Evolving Use of Metal in Architecture

metal_works_wide.pngThe symbiosis between metal and architecture has evolved over centuries, with successive eras opening up new technical and aesthetic possibilities through the development of different types of metals.

Unlike other building materials, metals yield to the entropic nature of the environment, but can be recovered and reformed. This capacity for recycling gives them some tentative credentials to sustainability, making this a resource which is constantly evolving and is at the very core of our industry.

The Architects’ Journal are pleased to offer you instant access to MetalWorks - an exclusive guide published twice a year by The Architects’ Journal. Each issue visits a key building by an established architect, followed by a review of a new project by an up-and-coming practice.

Specially featured is the £3.5 million visitor centre at London’s Heathrow Airport which was designed by Bennetts Associates for BAA. This impressive project took just 9 months to design and construct and Architects’ Journal speaks exclusively to Rab Bennetts to discuss the wisdom of hindsight, the pressures of high-speed construction and his practice’s attitude to Design and Build.

This essential guide also includes an interview with the two partners at Surface Associates and discusses their interest in creating “an architecture of rich experience” and the way that theory informs their design.

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