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RIBA Awards 2015

Discover the best of British architecture with the Architects’ Journal coverage of RIBA Award winning-schemes

The RIBA awards are renowned for covering all types of projects no matter the shape, size, budget or location and the winning-schemes set the standard for great architecture across the UK.

University buildings, houses, schools, offices and even a fishing hut have been recognised in this year’s awards.

In terms of regions, London was once again the biggest winner. Projects in the capital netted 14 of the 37 awards.


Commenting on the winners, RIBA president Stephen Hodder said: “The admirable aspect shared by every one of our winners is ambition. The combination of ambitious clients, architects, local leaders and a supportive local community leads to great new buildings. All 37 of our RIBA National Award winners should provide inspiration for developers, local authorities and architects alike and will delight generations to come.”

The national winners will now go on to be considered for the Stirling Prize – the biggest prize in UK architecture. A shortlist will be announced later in the summer and the winner is set to be revealed.

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