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How to make your offices more environmentally friendly?

sustainability2_wide.pngA continuation of the “Sustainability in Practice” series, this guide turns the focus to the office environment and shows how three practices made their offices exemplars of sustainability.

1. Atkins’ new offices within the Hub, a speculative office building in a business park on the outskirts of Bristol, demonstrates how this conventional building type can address sustainability. 

2. John Thompson and Partners’(JTP) refurbishment of a 1920s warehouse in London is both a didactic demonstration of greening existing stock in an urban conservation area and a model of social sustainability. 

3. ‘The Diversity of Life’ by Edward O Wilson should be compulsory reading for everyone,’ says Justin Bere of Bere Architects, describing the genesis of the elaborate roof garden he has built over his home and studio in London. When Bere and his staff moved in last August, it was the culmination of a six-year self-build project, which is ongoing.

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