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RIBA Stirling Prize
The AJ's most anticipated issue of the year

Don’t miss out on the Architects’ Journal's coverage of the RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist 2016. As the only official media partner the AJ gives you in-depth coverage of all six shortlisted buildings which you won’t find anywhere else.

We give you a 360 degree review of the six shortlisted buildings including introductions by the architects, drawings, detailed technical information, material boards and a thorough critique of each project.

A series of essays from authors Tom Wilkinson, Robert Wilson, Jay Merrick, Isabel Allen, Catherine Slessor and Tim Abrahams will also accompany this year’s building studies of the Stirling Prize shortlist. Three of which beg to question whether ethical and political considerations affect judgements on architecture. Architecture is by its nature political, so these questions deserve to be asked. But should they really affect the jury’s deliberations?

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The Stirling Prize alternative jury
Laura Mark, Architecture Editor of the AJ explores whether one Stirling Prize jury would come to the same conclusion as another by assembling her own judging panel. She recruited three judges – an architect and two non-architects, deliberately inviting people who might be expected to give an alternative perspective and who aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers: Invisible Studio founder Piers Taylor, developer Martyn Evans, and ex-AOC participation specialist Daisy Froud. Together they visited all six buildings on the shortlist.

What does the profession really think of the RIBA Stirling Prize?
We interview Richard Rogers, Níall McLaughlin, Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey, and look back at previous winners and shortlisted projects. The film also shows how some projects which at the time were thought of as the best buildings in Britain – have stood the test of time. Some have improved – at both Maggie’s Centres the planting has matured and they now feel properly embedded in their sites; Evelyn Grace, on the other hand, is showing wear and tear.

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